Got Intel? Got Problems!

Earlier this year, Embedi—a firm that specializes in securing loT devices—discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Intel’s Management Engine (ME), which allows remote management of corporate systems. Now they’ve found other Intel liabilities: Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), Intel® Standard Manageability (ISM) or Intel® Small Business Technology (SBT), allows hackers to gain full control over business computers— even if computers are turned off, but plugged in.

How David is Beating Goliath with New Business Technology

When small business owners (SBO) move from the planning stage to launching and maintaining a new business, technology plays a major role in the fate of the company. With the best new business technology available today, it is possible to create ingenious websites, select multi-functional CRM’s, launch inexpensive ad campaigns and utilize social media to buoy new business.

Utility Solutions for Your Sluggish Computer

The best part of having a new PC is the speed of operation. In the beginning, you have faster start up times and quicker navigation, but, eventually, every PC slows down; becoming lethargic, unresponsive, and even unreliable.

Your operating systems may get jammed when apps aren’t completely deleted, or unnecessary files remain intact, or programs create unseen caches, leaving behind drivers and all sorts of other accumulation.

Protecting Your Business Technology


Most small businesses run a greater security risk than large ones because many lack a solid protection plan. Did you know that 43 percent of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses, and 60 percent of those companies go out of business within six months of being attacked?


Nearly half of security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent.