Managed Services

Stop worrying about your technology

At Adaptive Office Solutions we’ve designed our Managed Services Plan to prevent your IT systems from failing and causing you downtime and lost productivity.

When you know your technology is being looked after, you can forget about struggling with IT issues, concentrate on running your business, and lower your costs through systems that are running at their prime and creating greater efficiency.

Regular system checkups and maintenance keep your office equipment performing at its best and can help prevent system failures.

A Managed IT Services plan from Adaptive Office Solutions includes:

  • We will perform all security updates from Microsoft and other third parties
  • We will check and verify that your antivirus program is up-to-date
  • We will check your systems for any signs of malicious software
  • We will clean your systems, freeing them of unnecessary programs or dangerous malware so that they are optimized for enhanced efficiency

We can also service everything from tablets to phones to laptops as well as setting up secure networking options so you can access your information and work from anywhere you happen to be. And you get all this for a flat rate monthly fee. Put the predictability back into your IT budget, get a better return on investment and start increasing productivity and profitability today.

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