IT Solutions and the Price of Being Unprepared

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Do you have a plan to get the root of IT issues during a crash? Have you backed up all your data on a regular basis? Have you taken the time to consider the cost and multilayered effect of downtime? Many companies neglect their IT systems until they have a major problem, which can have a profound effect on productivity.

The solution is to simply take a proactive, as opposed to a reactive, stance. If you carefully consider your current process and compare them to best practices, you can see where your processes may need some adjustment.

Is Your IT Solution Working for Your Business?

It’s important to understand the type of IT help you need before hiring an expert. The most common type of support is Technical Support. This is the type of support that is generally what most non-IT people require from IT personnel. But there are also, Programmers, Web Developers, Computer Systems Analysts, IT Security Specialists, and Network Engineering Experts. The best IT professionals can address more than one of these issues.

Type of Support for Large, Medium and Small Businesses

If you have a large tech environment and your fiber-connected equipment goes down, it’s probably best to have a full-time IT staff to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity. But, if you have a medium or small-sized business, you may not have the need or resources for full-time IT staff. In that case, it may be better to outsource your tech support. Remember, it’s ALWAYS best to hire reliable personnel before you encounter a problem. It stands to reason that someone who is already familiar with your systems will be more capable of handling an emergency situation with less downtime.

Common Types of Technology Threats

There are threats to every type of technology: security risks, viruses or hacking. You need to know what risks you’re exposed to with your current IT solutions. If you connect personal devices, do research, click on an unfamiliar link or simply watch a short video, you can be exposed to nearly 30 common threats. You may have heard of the general terms above, but have you heard of Trojan; one of the most complicated threats among all? It can hide itself from antivirus detection and steal important data that can be used to compromise your bank account. There are also: Worms, Spyware, Scareware, Keylogger, Adware, Backdoor, Wabbit and much, much more.

As you consider your current IT solutions, think about what kind of changes can be made to help you reduce risk and prevent financial loss. Be proactive and think ahead how IT support can work in your favor. And remember, preparation is the key to success.