Outsourcing Your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

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We were going to call this article, “Why SMBs Should Outsource Their IT Departments,” but Adaptive Office Solutions offers far more products and services than a typical IT Department. 

Before we talk about the benefits of outsourcing your business’s MSSP responsibilities, let’s talk about the differences between an IT Department, an MSP (Managed Service Provider), and an MSSP.

IT Departments 

An IT Department  (Information Technology Department) is the division within a company that is charged with establishing, monitoring, and maintaining information technology systems

According to excerpts from an article by CareerBuilder, they wrote, “The IT department must evaluate and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the network functioning properly. Networks can be simple or extremely complex depending upon their size and composition. 

Quite often, companies see the main role of the IT department as creating the applications that serve its core business needs. The right applications allow a business to be innovative, productive, efficient, and able to move ahead of its competitors. In many ways, this makes the IT department crucial in driving a business forward.

The IT department provides this service for all the users who need access to the company’s computer systems. This might entail installing new software or hardware, repairing hardware that has become faulty, training employees in the use of new software, and troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual’s computer.”

In short, the IT Department builds the infrastructure that businesses need in order to function. That is part of our skillset at Adaptive, but building something without adequately managing and protecting it is a recipe for disaster. 

Adaptive’s IT solutions: Hardware (including, but not limited to: computers, copiers, docking stations, etc), firewalls, anti-virus, and software recommendations. 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

A MSP manages and monitors the health of your business’s technology. The services MSPs offer depend on the customers they serve. For example, SMBs can engage MSPs for basic IT needs like: email solutions, data storage, hardware repair, and software updates. When you have a problem accessing your data, or othertechnological issues, your MSP can work with you to make it right. A MSP is focused mainly on technology administration NOT cyber security.  

Adaptive’s MSP Services:

Monitoring, Software Patches, AntiVirus Updates, Routine Network Maintenance, Spam Control, Email Archiving and Continuity, Critical Monitoring 24/7/365, Help Desk Support, and Automated Backups

Managed Security Services Provider (MSaSP)

If a MSP is the mayor of the internal technical workings of your company, a MSSP is the fortress surrounding your company, keeping your data safe. Your MSSP is responsible for preventing, detecting, and responding to threats before they wreak havoc on your data. They provide many services to your business, including: end-point encryption, multi-factor authentication, security policies, vendor risk management, contingency plans, and multi-locational backups.

Adaptive’s MSSP Services: 

SOC, SIEM, Endpoint Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Security Policies, Centralized User Management, C-Level Consulting, Vendor Risk Management (VRM), Staff Education, 24/7 Backup Failure Monitoring, Disaster Recovery Plans, Redundant, Multi-Locational Backups, Testing, Verification and Reporting, Employee Response Procedures and Practices, and Business Risk Reviews

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is the lifeblood of your business, and it’s normal to worry about losing important digital assets due to situations beyond your control. Data breaches, cyberattacks, and equipment failures — are just some of the potential catastrophes that can cripple your company. Without robust data backup solutions and expert disaster recovery planning in place, you are at risk of losing business-critical data, which can result in a damaged reputation and costly downtime.

A comprehensive MSSP plan includes multilayered solutions and top-tier backup software that provides proactive testing, monitoring, and remote management. A solid contingency plan should enable you to get back to business in just a matter of hours.

In short, we like to think of an IT Department as the equivalent of a family doctor. They provide essential services, but they don’t have the resources, equipment, or expertise to go beyond treating the symptoms. 

To us, MSPs are similar to doctors who specialize in certain areas of medicine, like Pediatricians, Dermatologists, or Radiologists. These types of doctors are also essential to the healthcare system. They can diagnose the underlying issues, but if they suspect a serious illness – beyond their scope of expertise – they will refer them to subspecialists. 

We think of MSSPs as super-specialists. They can provide everything an IT Department and an MSP do, but they are like triple-skilled doctors. MSSPs are the Cardiologists, Otolaryngologists, and Oncologists of the IT world. They tend to the symptoms, diagnose and treat the root cause, and design an action plan that prevents future incidents. 

Now that we’re done mansplaining the different levels of expertise, let’s get to the core topic… 

Why You Should Outsource your business’s MSSP Services 

Cost Savings

The most obvious perk is cost savings. Most SMBs can’t afford a full-time IT person; or if they can, there’s not enough work to keep them busy 40 hours a week. Add to that the price of hiring staff to manage and update your systems and a team of experts to provide network security… your business just wouldn’t be profitable. 

In excerpts from an article by TechGroup, they wrote, “Cyber security is no longer just a part of the background noise – it is a day-to-day necessity for any business, like electricity, Internet access etc. The cost of not implementing cyber security measures can cost your business millions annually, i.e., if you are lucky and don’t face a complete shutdown from a major threat. 

Or, you can go the other way and hire a host of cyber security experts who specialize in different facets of cyber security to protect your business. These resources are difficult to hire, train and maintain in-house and cost a pretty penny while rarely contributing to your actual business. Either way, cyber security will cost you a LOT of money whether you pay attention to it or not.

However, you CAN bring down this cost significantly by recruiting the services of a specialist cyber security agency that specializes in providing protection and offer a whole boutique of protection services in very reasonable packages.

A Cisco survey recently found that 55% of IT decision-makers identified cost efficiency as a key driver for outsourcing cyber security.”

Cybersecurity Talent Crisis

Another reason to outsource your MSSP Services?There’s a serious lack of qualified cybersecurity experts. Canada faces a shortfall of 25,000 workers in the cybersecurity sector, according to the Information and Communications Technology Council. 

In excerpts from an article by PrivacyCanada, they wrote, “Cybersecurity has become top-of-mind for companies seeking to safeguard themselves against the huge cost of data theft.

However, the availability – or lack thereof – of skilled cybersecurity professionals is one of the most challenging problems facing business enterprises today, for the simple reason that there aren’t enough people capable of filling those roles.

As cyberattacks have grown in sophistication and brazenness, it is imperative that countries develop a pipeline of trained cyber professionals to counter these hackers. However, experienced and skilled cybersecurity staff don’t grow on trees.

Frankly, the pipeline to rapidly supply this insufficient number of positions in the cyber field is grossly inadequate. Moreover, these positions take longer to fill compared to other industries. 

Jon Oltsik, who holds the position of senior principal analyst at IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group, said, ‘I always say that cybersecurity professionals are like physicians, in that they have to spend ample time studying the latest research and threat intelligence.’

There isn’t any need to mince words: cybersecurity talent shortfall isn’t a mirage and it is hurting businesses. Based on empirical data from reliable sources, the skills gap is real and most acute in technology sectors such as cybersecurity that are constantly and rapidly changing.”

A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

In the same article by TechGroup mentioned above, they wrote, “Cyber security experts bring on board in-depth industry-wide knowledge of both threats and the best defensive tactics. The team will assess your vulnerabilities thoroughly and take over the responsibility of monitoring your network, maintaining the security integrity of your endpoints, and incorporating practices like application vulnerability monitoring, firewall management, and configuration management. 

They will detect any anomalies much faster and deploy an appropriate response before the threat has time to take hold. They will also employ advanced techniques such as risk prediction analysis and adaptive risk modeling to prevent the occurrence of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other advanced threats.

With a host of holistic security practices at play, your rate and speed of threat detection will improve manifold. Most importantly, the agency will always have the best of security tools and experts ready at your disposal ready to go in case of any security incident.

Multi-layered Protection and Security Training for Your In-house Teams

TechGroup went on to write… Advanced security threats need to be shored up with multiple layers of protection. Cyber security experts will design a system customized to your business that will employ the right monitoring and authentication strategies to minimize the scope of attacks as well as human errors.

Human errors remain an Achilles heel for businesses with attackers targeting employees with sophisticated social engineering tactics. While password hygiene can be taught and enforced, it’s harder to teach employees to notice security red flags. This is why cybersecurity providers often include intensive employee training in security packages to help businesses address this problem.”

Implement New Business Ideas

In excerpts from an article by ITForce, they wrote, “The pandemic completely shifted the world to having more remote and hybrid workplaces, but having more employees working remotely comes with unique IT challenges that not all businesses were prepared for. 

That’s where outsourcing your IT services comes in. Having a company handle your IT operations can enhance your existing service quality, free up your employees for more core-business activities, and keep your IT expenses under control. 

Keeping up with day-to-day IT services can be a challenging task due to consistently updating technology as well as evolving cybersecurity threats. Still, having a team to help your company with outsourced IT services can be a game-changer for your organization’s safety and security.

74% of businesses have struggled to find a cybersecurity solution that meets their needs, and 53% have missed out on implementing new business ideas due to cybersecurity risks. This report suggests that threat hunting, incident investigation, and incident response are some of the most difficult cybersecurity tasks for companies. Outsourcing these tasks can be particularly useful for companies that don’t have the manpower to monitor cyber threats consistently.”

Address Niche Business Needs

ITForce went on to write, “When you begin looking for an IT service provider, finding the correct fit for your organization that meets your unique requirements and scales to your budget is the first hurdle to clear. 

Finding a temporary hire that is an expert in several different IT niches is harder than ever. In Canada, there is a skills shortage, making cybersecurity professionals, network administrators, and IT support professionals some of the most in-demand jobs right now. 

[Outsourced MSSP] services are an excellent alternative to help bridge the gap. Your company doesn’t need to make a hire in one of the most competitive markets because [ousourced] service providers already retain top talent in all the most in-demand IT skills. You pay less for more, with many MSSP service providers offering 24/7 support and a wide range of experts who can work with your company as needed.”

Reduced Cyber Insurance Premiums

ITForce wrote, “Before getting cyber insurance, you should pre-audit your technological environment and security policies to ensure that your organization follows cybersecurity guidelines. Security technology is admittedly costly. However, it is critical to address high-risk vulnerabilities and budget for future expenses to reduce exposure and secure your business. This helps make your company more “insurable” by convincing insurers that you’re aware of the cybersecurity risks for your organization and are working to mitigate them.

[MSSP] services can help audit and update your security procedures and keep a close eye on security vulnerabilities to mitigate risk and reduce downtime if a cyberattack occurs. Additionally, they are typically able to provide insurers with documentation showing the security plan and contingencies your organization has in place, making it easier and cheaper to get good cyber insurance for your organization along with the peace of mind of having a plan in place for any security incidents.”

At Adaptive Office Solutions, cybersecurity is our specialty. We keep cybercrimes at bay by using analysis, forensics, and reverse engineering to prevent malware attempts and patch vulnerability issues. By making an investment in multilayered cybersecurity, you can leverage our expertise to boost your defenses, mitigate risks, and protect your data with next-gen IT security solutions.

Every single device that connects to the internet poses a cyber security threat, including that innocent-looking smartwatch you’re wearing. Adaptive’s wide range of experience and certifications fills the gaps in your business’s IT infrastructure and dramatically increases the effectiveness of your cybersecurity posture.

Using our proactive cybersecurity management, cutting-edge network security tools, and comprehensive business IT solutions you can lower your costs through systems that are running at their prime; creating greater efficiency and preventing data loss and costly downtime. With Adaptive Office Solutions by your side, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of cybersecurity so you can achieve business success without worrying about online threats.

To schedule a Cyber Security Risk Review, call the Adaptive Office Solutions’ hotline at 506-624-9480 or email us at helpdesk@adaptiveoffice.ca